Coverage for Every Need

Customized personal and commercial insurance solutions for small-business owners.


At Newtek Insurance Agency we are able to handle all of your commercial insurance policies, ensure compliance, and provide long term value to your business through effective policy management.


As a valued client of Newtek Insurance Agency you will have the direct contact information to your dedicated Customer Service Representative in order to make sure that industry best customer service is available at a moment’s notice.


Our exclusive integration of worker’s compensation, employee benefits, commercial insurance policies, and payroll administration, gives you the ability to effectively manage your insurance program as cost efficiently and easy as possible.


By enrolling your employee’s group benefits through Newtek Insurance Agency, and utilizing the industry best Newtek Payroll Services to handle your payroll you will have a streamlined point of contact, and maximized flexibility in the payment of employees, your worker’s compensation, and employee benefits.


Traditionally, as a business owner you can have as many as four people administering your employee benefits.