4 Things We Know About ObamaCare: One Week In

WeiStock_000026178272XSmall knew the ObamaCare launch was going to be a rough road. And over the past week, things seemed to grow evermore complicated resultant of numerous factors – all of which could have and should have been addressed by the federal government prior to implementation.

 Consumer Confusion

  • With the opening of the exchanges, consumers are more frustrated than ever. Consumers (making up individuals and business owners) are still unsure of the benefits of accessing the exchanges, what kinds of tax credits they will be eligible for, and where to turn for the answers. In many cases, consumers are confused by the fact that while you can purchase health insurance now, coverage does not begin until January 1, 2014.


Enrollment Glitches

  • It has been all over the news that state and federal websites have been crashing as consumers flock to dedicated sites to purchase coverage. Some tout this as an example of the need for uninsured individuals to purchase health insurance, which was not previously available to them. In reality, it is nothing more than tire kicking/comparison shopping that is stalling a system that was promised as, “electronic and seamless,” demonstrating a gross mismanagement of launch exchanges. What was supposed to be, “as simple as buying airline tickets on website,” better compares to finding ones way out of an evergreen forest in the throws of a midnight blizzard.


Administrative Burdens

  • Once consumers have the ability to access the sites, they are required to provide multiple forms of documentation that were not typically requested with an insurance purchase. This has been reported as being slightly overwhelming to burdensome and in some cases, paralyzing. At the very least, most would agree that the copious amounts of paperwork and documentation necessary to complete a purchase is burdensome.


Systematic Frustration

  • Between the shaky launch of the exchanges and the government shutdown, consumers are frustrated and confused. Government workers are being furloughed, yet federal healthcare exchanges are able to still be funded, and are opening. The confusion in the health insurance marketplace, coupled with the government stalemate over the budget and inevitably the debt limit are frustrating, excessive, and unfair to both individuals and small business owners who are doing their best to provide for clients, employees, and their own families. In the meantime, it seems the federal government is tripping over itself to do its basic job function. But, if we take a look at the the opening of the Health Care Exchanges, such futility should not come as such a shock.


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