Employee Benefits

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What is the coverage?

Employee benefits make up Group Health, Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term, Long-Term Disability, and Group Life Insurance. An Employee Benefits policy can make up any combination of these products.

What does it include?

This will provide coverage for any medical injury that an employee (or dependent) incur whether it happens on the job, or personally. Depending on the benefits that you are looking for as an employer, you can build the right benefit package that will match your budget, while also meeting your objectives.

Who should look at purchasing?

Effective 2014, any business that has 50+ employees will be required to purchase Group Health insurance, otherwise they will face a penalty. Although it is not required by law, businesses with less then 50 employees should still look at purchasing Group Health insurance to make sure that their employees and families are as healthy.

Why is it important?

Sick employees or employees that have sick family members will spend their time, energy and money caring for their health, or that of a loved one, and will therefore be in the office less frequently. Companies that do not offer health insurance see higher rates of absenteeism due to illness, which will lead to less productivity for a business. In order to make sure that you have the strongest team possible to operate your business, you should look into purchasing a group benefits policy. Group Benefits should also be considered when looking at an employee’s overall compensation to make sure the benefits are in line with the salary and other benefits that are provided to an employee.