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August 2015

For August, we’ll discuss: Proposed Changes to Overtime Eligibility Rules for ‘White Collar’ Workers, ACA Information Reporting Penalties Will Increase in 2016, Avoiding Employee Misclassification Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, 5 Guidelines for Protecting Employees from Heat Stress, Final Rules Expand ACA Contraceptive Mandate Accommodation, and Question about Employee Management.

July 2015

For July, we’ll discuss: ACA Premium Tax Credits Available in Both Federal and State-Based Exchanges, Supreme Court Strikes Down State Laws Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage, PCORI Fees Due by July 31 for Employers Sponsoring HRAs and Other Self-Insured Plans, Final Rules Revise Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Requirements, and 2015 Draft Forms Available to Help Employers Prepare for ACA Information Reporting.

May 2015

For May, we’ll discuss: Employee Engagement Tied to Opinion of Total Rewards, 8 Topics to Include in Your Employee Handbook, Employment-Based Wellness Programs Require Careful Design, and New Proposed Definition of ‘Fiduciary’ for Retirement Plans.

February 2015

For February, we’ll discuss: Top 5 Health Care Reform FAQs, Final Forms and Instructions for Employers to Report Health Coverage and ACA Compliance, FMLA Protections Extended to All Eligible Employees in Same-Sex Marriages, 3 Things to Consider When Terminating an Employee, Updated Model CHIP Notice for Employers, and For Aetna Policy Holders: Go Green With Online Explanation of Benefits Statements.

January 2015

For January, we’ll discuss: New Standard Milage Rates and Transportation Benefit Tax Changes, Proposed Changes to Summary of Benefits and Coverage Requirements, Reminder: Certificates Showing Prior Health Coverage for Employees No Longer Required Beginning December 31, 2014, and 5 HR Compliance Resolutions for 2015

November 2014

For November, we’ll discuss: Enforcement Delayed for Health Plan Identifier Regulations, Federal regulators announced plans to close a loophole in the Affordable Care Act that allows large employers to offer plans that don’t cover in-patient hospital stays, 2015 Retirement Plan Limits Announced, and Online Access to Federal SHOP Expected to Begin November 15th.

October 2014

For October, we’ll discuss: Employers Must Provide Part D Notices by October 15th, IRS Updates Q&As on ACA Information Reporting, Additional Permitted Election Changes for Health Coverage Under Cafeteria Plans, IRS Adjusts Applicable Dollar Amount Used to Determine PCORI Fee, and OSHA Final Rule Updates Reporting & Recordkeeping Requirements.

September 2014

In this issue: ACA Affordability Percentages Increased for 2015, IRS Responds to Conflicting Court Rulings Regarding ACA Tax Credits, Proposed Rule Requires Certain Federal Contractors to Submit Equal Pay Report, Social Security Requirements for Employee Name Changes, and Proposed Rules to Expand ACA’s Contraceptive Mandate

August 2014

This month we offer some great tips for the hot summer weather and activities including food safety for the grillers, tips for weathering the sun and heat, staying hydrated during summer exercise, the truth about sunburn, as well as discussing how some companies are permitted to decline to provide birth control coverage and much more.

June 2014

June marks the official kick-off to summer. This month, we share important COBRA and CHIP Model Updates, the impact of minimum wage increases through many states, Penalties for Reimbursing Employee’s HI Policy Premiums, ACA summary of benefits, and we even share 4 great ways to help employees stay motivated through the hot months.

May 2014

The Month of May can remain “merry, merry” for those who are adequately covered and in-the-know. This month, we discuss 2015 HAS Contribution Limits and Minimum Deductibles, ACA Annual Deductibles Limits, Health FSA Carryovers (and possible impact on HSA eligibility) and Employee Benefits as they pertain to same-sex marriage. And while we are at it, we share tips on deciding if and when to pay interns. Have a great spring and a warm introduction to summer!

April 2014 April’s Newtek Insurance Agency e-News delivers a full springtime shower of information with details regarding ACA “pay or play” provisions, final word on Group Health plans’ 90-day waiting period, decline in number of employment discrimination charges, ERISA compliance check, and so much more!

February 2014 February is a month for love, and showing our special Valentines how much they mean to us. And at Newtek Insurance Agency e-News, we love to share important current events and decisions that will impact your business. In this Newsletter, you will find what the National Labor Relations Board no longer requires in the workplace and which Health Care Tax Credit changes you should be aware of in 2014. In addition, we recommend some smart ways to prevent common COBRA mistakes, share some ideas Employers should know about Payroll Cards, Aetna’s efforts to go green, and of course, we explain the latest employer requirement delay that’s come down from Obamacare.

January 2014
Happy New Year to All! We hope everybody got some much-deserved rest over the Holiday Season. And, if you are like us, you are more than making up for it by charging into January work days with a vengeance. In this month’s Newsletter, we focus on Healthcare Reform do’s and delays, new mileage rates instituted by your IRS, and some tips on how to set employee goals – which should absolutely help to move the proverbial needle. Enjoy, be well, and as always, we love to hear your feedback!

December 2013
This is the month we devote to family, faith, and reflection. It is also the month where we prepare to start the next year off on the right foot. In this issue, we discover that small businesses may be able to keep their health coverage in 2014; that minimum wage rates should go up; tax benefits will change for inflation adjustments, and employees without health insurance may face penalties – and we even give 3 practical guidelines by which to reward excellent work by employees.

November 2013
November officially rings in the beginning of the Holiday Season. It is a time when we begin to reflect on the year that was and take those lessons and apply them to our approach toward the future. In this issue we touch upon and important new ACA implementation; explain the use or lose rule for FSAs; and even consider some important myths and facts surrounding Health Care Reform. Readers will also benefit from FAQs regarding Holiday Pay and time off and also learn that Social Security benefits should increase in 2014.

October 2013
Your October doesn’t have to be a scary one with Newtek’s Insurance Agency e-News keeping you in the know. This month we discover that preventative services may be covered in high-deductible plans; learn some of the new rules for HRAs; when the delayed SHOP enrollment will resume – and we’ll even help you “plan” for workplace emergencies. Additionally, we explore agency benefits for same-sex spouses, HIPPA Privacy Practice notices; downgrade ratings of Tower Group; and so much more!

September 2013
As summer dwindles, its back to business full throttle, and with it, the need to stay ahead of the information pack. Here what Newtek’s Insurance Agency e-News has in store: October 1 deadline given for required exchange notice (details included); credible coverage notices for Medicare requirements and deadlines; some talk about Baby Boomers; and even some federal agency explanations revolving around recent same-sex marriage rulings.