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Our Mission

Established in 1998, with over 100,000 business accounts, we have directly provided vital professional business services that independent business owners need to thrive and succeed in todays difficult business climate. Through our highly skilled staff of trained professionals, we are able to help businesses grow their sales, improve their technological efficiencies and reduce their cost of doing business.

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to help your business increase revenues, reduce expenses, and minimize risks.

Our Services

Our services have helped more than 100,000 businesses increase revenues, reduce expenses, and minimize risks. We have a unique advantage for our customers—we provide them the ability to access many business services under one roof. Our customers don’t have to do the legwork of calling many different companies only to get the runaround. They only have to call us to get important business questions answered and issues addressed. Our high-quality, state-of-the-art products and services come together seamlessly to effectively grow your sales, save you money, and minimize your risks.
To see exactly how each service can help your business increase revenues, reduce expenses, and minimize risks, view the “Why Us?” section for each service line.

Our Mantra

One Team. One Number. One Company.

Why Us For Any of Your Business Needs?

  • Business Lending

Newtek’s Business Lending Division is a nonbank lender providing end-to-end financing solutions, specializing in helping businesses obtain needed funds. We have a suite of financial programs available that will work with a variety of businesses and their unique needs. Our experienced specialists will guide you through the process and clearly explain all options. We can provide financing from $50,000 to $10 million. In conjunction with our business lending, we also have Accounts Receivable Management Services to save you time and money. For more information please call 1-855-284-3722.

  • Merchant Processing

Newtek’s Merchant Processing Service provides a high-quality, customized program and pricing structure so you can accept noncash payments. We process more than $4 billion annually and we are PCI compliant, monitoring your transactions and processing them securely. With full rate disclosure and no hidden fees, we can ensure that you get the best rates. In addition to the security of transactions and great rates, you will have the support of our 24/7/365 bilingual customer support teams. For more information please call 1-855-284-3722.

  • For Payroll Services

Newtek’s payroll service is a quality internet-based payroll product offering the same functionality as national brands like ADP and Paychex, at a much more affordable price. The internet-based functionality and reporting makes the payroll product very easy to use. The payroll service has the options of direct deposit, paper checks, electronic check signing, and more. This product seamlessly integrates with our workers’ compensation insurance, forming the “Pay As You Go” program. For more information please call 1-855-284-3722.

  • For Web Services

Newtek’s Web Services are professional quality and include web design, internet marketing, and web hosting, all backed by integrity and accountability. We are honest with the delivery of our services. If an issue arises with your services, you can be assured that we will be there 100 percent until the issue is resolved. Our 24/7/365 U.S.-based, bilingual customer support teams are fast, responsive, experienced, and solution-focused. Your satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you. The Small Business Authority is the company your business can count on. For more information please call 1-855-284-3722.