Why Use Newtek?

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Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to help your business increase revenues, reduce expenses, and minimize risks.

Our Service

Our service is your personal connection to affordable commercial, personal, life, and health insurance. We will learn about your business, evaluate current insurance coverage, identify risks and liabilities, educate you on potential risks, and shop the market on your behalf with more than 40 A-rated insurance carriers.

Increase Your Revenue

Peace of Mind

  • Proper insurance coverage will allow you to sleep better at night and stay focused on growing your business, because you won’t have to worry about all the “what ifs”
  • We can store and service all of your personal, commercial, life, and health policies in one secure place, thus saving you time and money
  • We will review and analyze all of your policies annually to make sure you have proper coverage and the best price

Acquire New Jobs and Customers

  • Oftentimes, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, professional liability, and general liability insurance may be required to obtain contracts with customers
  • We will explain the types of coverage that are appropriate for your business, shop the markets on your behalf with multiple A-rated carriers, and put the coverage in place very quickly

Recruit Talent

  • Offering your employees a competitive benefits package will help you attract top-quality talent to your organization

Reduce Your Expenses

We Are the Authority on Small Businesses

  • We will learn about your business and customize a package that makes the most sense for you and your business
  • Having proper coverage will protect you, your employees, and your business assets from unexpected losses or litigation

Shop the Markets

  • Working with multiple A-rated carriers, we can get multiple quotes in a short time, allowing you to compare and make an informed decision
  • We are an agency with access to multiple insurance companies, so we give you choice (not just one carrier, like State Farm)
  • We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to spend the time
  • We will get you the right protection for your dollar, since the lowest premium is not always the best value

Consolidate Insurance Coverage

  • By consolidating multiple lines with one carrier, we may be able to get you a better price and broader coverage
  • Instead of using multiple agencies (for commercial, personal, and benefits), we can do all the work for you while servicing and digitally storing all your policies
  • With us as your sole agent, you get the benefit of one-stop shopping because we can handle your personal, commercial, life, and health policies under one roof

Minimize Your Risk

Education From a Licensed Agent

  • We learn about your business and explain your potential risks
  • We explain how each specific form of coverage might protect or expose your business
  • We digitally store your policies in a highly secure environment, and we can email them upon request
  • We assign a licensed customer service representative to personally service your account

Proper Coverage

  • We will shop with multiple carriers and seek the right insurance protection at the best price for your business
  • We handle personal, commercial, life, and health insurance, so you don’t have to worry about multiple agents handling your personal, business, and other benefits policies

Protect Against the Unexpected

  • Having the right insurance protection for your business and employees will help you sleep more comfortably
  • Anyone can sue you or your business—insurance protects you and your business from the costs of defending your company in litigation